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Arduino Ethernet Shield (Clonic)

This cheap clonic Arduino Shield (around 10$ shipping included) has been tested by us and works Ok. It represents a great option if you want to connect your Arduino to Internet and you can wait 7 days (its estimated delivery time).

Where to Buy (Dealextreme): [1]

Hw sol ether shield.jpg

Ethernet Power Injector (pasive cable)

This adapter represents a cheap and easy to implement alternative to feed an Arduino (or another Ethernet device, like an Access Point) through an Ethernet cable (up to FE-100Mbps - CAT 5).

Where to Buy (Dealextreme): [2]
Rj45 poe.jpg

Mini Power Supplies ( 220V / 5V)

Mini power supply.png

90V~240VAC Input, 5VDC Output ,high and low voltage isolation

Reference Information

  • Where to buy (eBay): [3]

  • Mounting dimensions: 40mm x 15mm
  • Input voltage: 90V to 240V AC (full load)
  • Input Current: 0.0273 (AC 110V) 0.014 (AC 220V)
  • Output voltage: 5V (±0.1V)
  • Output Current: 0A to 650mA, peak 800mA
  • Output power: 3W Maximum 3.5W
  • Output efficiency: 85%
  • Output ripple: 150mv
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 60 °c
  • Protections: Output power - Shortage - Temperature - Overcurrent: (lock, restart recovery)

Industrial Power Supplies - DIN Rail

Tdk lambda dsp5 1.jpg

TDK LAMBDA - DSP10-5 - AC-DC CONV, DIN RAIL, 1 O/P, 7.5W, 1.5A, 5V

Reference Information

  • AC-DC CONV, DIN RAIL, 1 O/P, 7.5W, 1.5A, 5V
  • Power Supply Output Type: Fixed
  • Input Voltage VAC: 90V to 264V
  • Output Voltage Nom.: 5V
  • Output Current Max: 1.5A
  • Output Power Max: 7.5W